Lisa Yang

Lisa Yang holds an MBA with a specialization in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Air Transportation Management from Civil Aviation University of China. 


Lisa has been key to a large number of projects for airlines, aircraft manufactures, aviation software companies, governments, and aviation associations. She also has experience and knowledge of software and applications in the MRO industry. 


Born and raised in Xiamen China, Lisa has been enthusiastic about aviation industry thanks to the great airline influence in her hometown. Her bachelor thesis was a research on Marketing Strategy for Xiamen Airlines, which was then recognized by the airline’s employees as one of the most impressive papers that cover every detail of this airline business operation. She was also the first Embry-Riddle business student who was chosen to work for Airbus at its headquarters as a Marketing and Business Development intern. 


Lisa currently works and resides in Miami, FL.