Jacob Netz

Born in Israel, Jacob served in the Israeli Air Force as a pilot, as an instructor, a C-130 Hercules captain, and has Multi-Engine ATP.


Jacob holds M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering / HFE, and M.A. in Management Science Operation Research. In 1982 Jacob joined the Engineering Division of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).  He worked in a variety of programs as an engineer, designer, and as the department manager of Human Factors Engineering and Systems Operational Concepts.


In 2001 Jacob joined the IAI Bedek Aviation Group as a Director of Analysis & Strategy of Freighter Conversions, following four years of managing business development of the Engineering Division. For five years, until his retirement from IAI in June 2011, Jacob was the program analyst for M&B Conversions LTD (a joint venture company of IAI Bedek and Mitsui & Co. of Japan to convert 767-300’s). Following retirement, Jacob works from his home in Israel as a senior consultant at Cargo Facts Consulting.