Cargo Facts Consulting is a specialised air logistics advisory and research firm.


Our clients turn to us for deep advice, information and insights on key aspects that impact product development, marketing, fleet planning and strategy in air logistics. These clients come from across the whole air cargo and express business and include financial institutions and investment firms, leasing companies, government, aircraft manufacturers and conversion companies, airlines, express companies, airports and other service providers.


Our consulting experience spans projects that encompass airline network planning, fleet planning, due diligence, route development, investment assessment, air cargo and express market analysis, and aircraft technology. Our data and forecasts populate financial models related to many facets of the business, and our analysis is used in product development by a wide range of companies. We also provide deep analytics for the type of data- and mission-related marketing in the aviation sector.


We strive to be the most knowledgeable and highly valued provider of strategic advice to the global air freight transportation and logistics industry. We provide actionable solutions, not just data and research based on critical needs and business objectives. We facilitate business evolution that yields greater profits and efficiency. And we do so often through long-term relationships that create a deep and more-meaningful dialogue with our customers.


Through Cargo Facts and Air Cargo World, our sister media organizations, we have a unique and high-visibility insight into industry trends and market developments as they happen.


Formerly also known as Air Cargo Management Group, we have been in business since 1978. Since 2019, we are based in Luxembourg with offices in New York and Seattle, as well as further staff located in the United States, Spain, Israel and Canada.


For over 40 years, Cargo Facts Consulting has helped companies in global air cargo make better business decisions. 



We live and breathe air cargo and logistics. Our staff are a mix of industry veterans and analysts with a passion for the business and deep technical and quantitative skills with experience in building results, enhancing growth and improving products and services.

JJ Hornblass

JJ Hornblass, Cargo Facts Consulting's CEO, founded Royal Media in 1995 and oversees the diversified company, which includes media services, this consultancy, and an accelerator for fintech startups. Full bio >>

Cathy Morrow Roberson

Cathy Morrow Roberson is an analyst with deep experience across the transportation and logistics business. Cathy is the founder of Logistics Trends & Insights, which provides strategic supply chain research and analysis. She also writes a weekly column for Air Cargo World. Full bio>>

Jim Edgar

James Edgar, a Senior Consultant of Cargo Facts Consulting, served at Boeing for more than 30 years and was in his last position as Regional Director of Cargo Marketing.  Full bio >>

Karen Berg

Karen Berg, a Senior Consultant of Cargo Facts Consulting, is a former Global Segment Lead, Aviation and Travel, at Intel, where she spearheaded efforts to advance aviation technologies for airfreight and other segments of aviation. Full bio >>

Tom Rattray

Tom holds a BCom with a specialization in Transportation and Logistics from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Full bio>>

Frederic Horst

Frederic Horst is the Managing Director of Cargo Facts Consulting, having joined the firm in March 2019. He has 18 years of strategy, planning, commercial, operational and government experience across the air cargo, express, aviation and transportation infrastructure business. Full bio >>

Robert Dahl

Robert Dahl has 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. Formerly Cargo Facts Consulting's Managing Director, he remains a Senior Consultant at the practice, which he first joined in 1990.

Full bio >>

Jacob Netz

A Senior Consultant of Cargo Facts Consulting, Jacob Netz was formerly at IAI Bedek Aviation Group, where he served as Director of Analysis & Strategy of Freighter Conversions, following four years of managing business development for the Engineering Division.  Full bio >>

Guillermo Ochovo

Born in Spain, Guillermo holds a B.S. in Materials Engineering with a specialization in Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. Full bio>>

Lisa Yang 

Lisa Yang holds an MBA with a specialization in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Air Transportation Management from Civil Aviation University of China. Full bio>>


We help our clients advance their businesses, products and services.


We do that by developing and implementing competitive strategies for companies operating, investing in or supplying the global air cargo, express and logistics businesses.


Our consulting activities are supported by an exceptional in-house primary research team, which publishes insights on key industry segments and compiles customised monthly market and industry briefings, always with the goal of yielding tangible action items.


We also build custom interactive and map-based analytical tools and databases for our clients that populate financial models and concrete strategic plans.

Our business spans the whole air logistics value chain, supporting our clients’ strategic and product development operations


Strategy definition, review and planning


Reports and analytical tools

Monthly Briefings

Exploring what market developments mean for your business and strategy

Our practice spans the entire air logistics business. Please contact us for more information on your project needs.




Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is our comprehensive resource for companies operating in the air logistics business. Insights combines all of our reports, analytical and map tools, company profiles and ongoing industry analysis into a single platform. This includes our 20 Year Freighter Forecast, Global E-Commerce Logistics Outlook, Air Cargo Customer Experience Report and the Air Express Market Outlook.

If you operate in or provide services to the air logistics business, own, lease or fly freighters, convert them, build them, or service them, Cargo Facts Consulting Insights is the resource you can’t afford to be without.



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